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New Formations, 2019 at c3 Contemporary New Formation is an exhibition of wall and floor works made from expandable foam, created around the idea of eroding the boundaries between two and three-dimensional artworks/forms through the exploration and convergence of painting, sculpture and installation. What makes a painting, a painting and what makes a sculpture, a sculpture and why are they treated so differently? The relationship between painting and sculpture is something I often ruminate on, wondering how the two disciplines communicate and coexist and if/how I can merge them together to create a new hybrid form. I aim to defy the nature of flat pictorial painting surfaces and reject conventional genres of contemporary art by injecting depth. Through examining the conventional boundaries between the visual language of painting and sculpture, with an objective to integrate different dimensions and create a more immersive relationship between my works. Traditional parameters are challenged through the exploration of expandable foam and new approaches, proposing a new conceptual field. The combination of two floor and two wall works act as a visual conversation amongst one another. Amplifying the blurring of boundaries, the consistent use of the material across all the works in the exhibition also generates a physical and conceptual flow across specializations.

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